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Introduction to Becoming a Financial Advisor



  • A Registered Representative, otherwise known as an Account Executive or a General Securities Representative or most commonly a Stockbroker is a professional usually belonging to a brokerage firm and is licensed to buy and/or sell any financial instrument of any kind for both retail and institutional clients, through a stock exchange or over the counter, in return for a fee or commission.

  • Financial adviser salaries are above average—median annual wages were $66,580 in 2011, with the lowest-paid 10 percent earning around $32,810 and the highest-paid 10 percent earning more than $187,199. The highest-paid in the profession work in the metro areas of Bridgeport, Conn., Fayetteville, Ark., and New York City.

  • A Financial Advisor can get licensed to provide services and charge a fee by zeroing in on three designations: as an Investment Advisor Representative, Registered Representative or Insurance Producer. Each designation covers different areas of finance and can service a vast array of clients.